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  • grandSkewTheInsmnc
    The Insomniac

    John Figg seems to have it all – a beautiful soon-to-be fiancé, a loving dog, a new promotion, and loyal friends – until the house he inherits gets viciously robbed. Convinced a robbery will happen again and by someone he knows, John develops a…

  • grandSkewTentcle8
    Tentacle 8

    A mysterious computer virus wipes out highly classified personnel files at the NSA, prompting a top secret investigation.  RAYMOND BERRY, an NSA operative is thrown into a detention center, where he is suspected of crimes against the United States.  He…

  • grandSkewChastityBites
    Chastity Bites

    Notorious serial killer Elizabeth Bathory believed that bathing in virgin blood would keep her young and beautiful forever. Still alive today she’s found a perfect hunting ground for her “botox” as an abstinence educator in conservative America…but will a brave…

  • grandSkewFFF
    Fighting For Freedom

    Fighting For Freedom star, Bruce Dern nominated for a 2013 Golden Globe for Best Actor                                                                                    “Fighting For Freedom” takes the viewer within the complex illegal immigration crisis to meet the Salazar family and the Dobbe family that employs them….

  • grandSkewUncndtnlLove
    Unconditional Love

    17-year old misfit twins Kristen and Owen’s insular world taking care of their Mom is rocked when an older handsome stranger comes into their lives like a fairytale. Kristen falls hard for him but the stranger takes Owen out drinking…

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